Folder Management


The Photos, Videos, and RAW Settings panels in Eyefi Center each provide options for managing folder and subfolder options for your files. With these options, you can choose where you want your uploaded media delivered as well as naming and organization options for your folder hierarchy.

NOTE: The use of network and/or external drives is not supported. You will need to designate a folder or directory on your local computer via the steps below.


This field provides the option to select the destination folder for your media. Apple Macintosh users with iPhoto 08 and later installed will also have the option to select iPhoto for the dropdown menu instead of a folder.

To change the default selected folder click the "change folder" button and navigate to the folder you'd like to use.

Subfolder options

By default, your Eyefi card will create date-based subfolders based on the date on which the photo or video was uploaded. You may choose to use the default format, create or use a custom date format, use photo upload date, or to not create date-based subfolders at all.

Date-based subfolders

  • A folder is created for each day's uploads with a month-day-year format (e.g., 2-25-10).

Custom date format

  • A folder is created for each day's uploads; you may also choose from several pre-set options or use the listed tokens to create your own custom format.

No date-based subfolders

  • Your Eyefi card will not create subfolders; all of your files will be delivered to a single folder regardless of the date on which they were delivered.

Subfolder date options

This menu offers you the option to use to either the file creation date or the upload date in the names of your subfolders.

File creation date

  • Subfolders will be named based on the date the file was created.

Upload date

  • Subfolders will be named based on the date the file was uploaded to your computer.
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