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You can access the Account Settings panel in the Eyefi Center desktop software. The Account Settings panel provides a single place where you can:

To access the Account Settings panel, open the Eyefi Center desktop software, go to the Account menu in the menu bar at the top of the screen, and select Your Eyefi Account.


The Preferences tab allows you to set how many photo and video thumbnails you see in the Viewer as well as control when warning dialogues appear.

Pagination Settings

Select the number of upload thumbnails that will appear in each Viewer page. You may choose to display 24, 49, 96 or all thumbnails.

Warning dialogs

Select which warning dialog you would like to see. By default all of the dialogues will appear, but you may select individual dialogues to be displayed, or choose Expert Mode to prevent any of the listed warning dialogues from appearing.

RSS Feeds

The RSS Feeds option allows you to enable RSS Feeds for the thumbnails of your media uploads, select an RSS aggregator, use the provided RSS URL within your own application, or just view your RSS feed.

To enable and create a RSS feed for your Eyefi uploads:

  1. Click the RSS Feeds tab of the Account Settings panel.
  2. Click the Enable Feed checkbox.
  3. Choose an RSS aggregator from the available list by clicking on the appropriate button to add your Eyefi account RSS feed.
  4. You may also copy the your Eyefi account RSS feed URL and use it in an RSS reader of your choice.

Delete Eyefi Account

You may delete your Eyefi account, which will delete your account, all devices registered with the account, your upload history, and online service settings. If you intend to later use the Eyefi cards associated with your deleted Eyefi account, you will need to re-register them.

Note: If you are only interested in removing a single card from your account, exit the panel and right-click (control-click on Mac) on that card's icon.

To delete your Eyefi account:

  1. Click the Delete tab of the Account Settings panel.
  2. Click the Delete Account and All Cards button.
  3. Click the Delete my account button on the confirmation window.
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