Set up Account Notifications


Eyefi notifications provide you with information such as when an upload has started and finished, as well as other steps in between. Here's the step-by-step explanation of how to enable your email, text message, or Twitter notification.

NOTE: Notifications are only supported for web uploads.

  1. To get set up, log into Eyefi Center and open the Settings panel for Notifications.
  2. Next, select where to send your notifications. Choose from email, Facebook, Twitter, or text messages.
  3. For email and SMS text message notifications, Eyefi will send you a message with a code for verification. Enter the code to finish the setup.

    Note: If you have selected email notifications, make sure you check that emails from do not get sent to your spam folder.
    For Twitter, simply enter your username and password.

    Tip: You can fully customize the text of your Twitter notifications. If you want content to change with each upload, you can add the suggested shortcuts, such as %L, which will automatically fill in the link created for others to see the photos.
  4. Check your notifications preferences: you can be notified when the upload has started, has been interrupted, when the upload resumes, and when the upload is complete.
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