Eyefi Center Release Notes


The current version of the Eyefi Center desktop application is 3.4.24 (Windows) and 3.4.29 (Mac)

Version 3.4.29 (Helper version 3.4.35) (23 October 2013)
Note: This is a Mac specific update. Windows users will be using Version 3.4.24 (Helper version 3.4.26)

  • Fixed issue where some Eyefi cards were not recognized by Helper.

Version 3.4.29 (Helper version 3.4.34) (22 October 2013)
Note: This is a Mac specific update. Windows users will be using Version 3.4.24 (Helper version 3.4.26)

  • Fixed beach balling of the cursor when the Helper is first launched.
  • Fixed issue with “Auto Start Eyefi Helper” where the app would still launch on system restart when this option was disabled.
  • Fixed a number of Helper crashes.
  • Mac OS X 10.9 support.

Version 3.4.29 (Helper version 3.4.29) (26 July 2012) Note: This is a Mac specific update. Windows users will be using Version 3.4.24 (Helper version 3.4.26) Fixes:

  • Mac OS X 10.8 support.

Version 3.4.24 (Helper version 3.4.26) (23 December 2011) Fixes:

  • Improved stability.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 3.4.23 (17 November 2011) Features:

  • New Eyefi Center application based on Titanium runtime.
  • New Eyefi Helper to Eyefi Center communication protocol.
  • Added Spanish & Italian language support EyefiCenter.
  • New Eyefi account activation flow.
  • Ability to associate geo-tagging information with RAW files via sidecar XMP files.


  • Improved compatibility with anti-virus software and firewalls
  • Improved Eyefi software installation.
  • Improved visualization of media sent to two destinations over a span of more than one day.

Version: 3.3.0 (17 Apr 2011) Features:

  • Android and iOS app integration
  • Direct Mode integration
  • Casio TRYX (TR-100) integration.


  • Firmware Update Dialog timeout issue
  • Windows fixes for GMaps and 'Open in Explorer' link in detail view
  • DST issue with marking dates in the Calendar widget
  • Correction of overlay placement for thumbnails with 3:2 and 16:9 aspect ratios
  • Transfer Mode page in French locale
  • Duplicate 'Eyefi card' entry under the native menus on Windows
  • Displaying the correct transfer status for files being actively uploaded to a computer while the computer is offline

Version: 3.2.2 (26 Oct 2010) Features:

  • Eyefi View.
  • Allowing users specify online destinations for RAW files (FTP)
  • Allow users to email photos via Eyefi Center
  • Allowing users more control over thumbnail deletion
  • Open enclosing folder action in the slideshow
  • Allow editing of Online Service privacy settings while publishing media to online services


  • Improved CPU utilization and memory consumption
  • Improved stability
  • Allowing users specify video destinations for iPhone applications
  • Notifying users if their licenses are about to expire and offering them an option to renew
  • Fix for incorrectly reporting geo-tagged photos near the Equator and the Greenwich Mean Meridian as non-geo-tagged
  • New and improved e-commerce integration with support for international service add-on purchases
  • Minor notifications fixes
  • Google Maps Improvements when cycling through photos
  • Calendar improvements which allows users to navigate through day summaries using the keyboard

Version: 3.1.9 (09 Jun 2010) Features:

  • Devicescape Integration
  • Support for multi-resolution thumbnails for locally delivered photos
  • Helpful Tips
  • Multi-Registrations. Customer are now able to register multiple Eyefi Cards all in the one Eyefi Center session
  • Account has been moved out of the Settings dialog into it's own separate dialog
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the FileSlideshow widget. +- now adds/removes files to/from the publish tray
  • Helpful Tips


  • Improved applications memory utilization
  • 'Open in Day View' option from the recent list will now go to the correct page in the day view if there is pagination in that day
  • Preferences Fix. Users can now specify how many photos they wish to see in the day view

Version: 3.1.2 (28 Apr 2010) Features:

  • German localization
  • Added the ability to purchase hotspot and geo-tagging services via Eyefi Center
  • Added Next and Previous links at the bottom of day view pages
  • Application Preferences. Allowing the user to specify how many uploads they'd like to see per page in the day view


  • Improved applications memory utilization
  • Prioritizing loading local thumbnails
  • Fixed EXIF information corruption in uploaded photos during geo-tagging with some cameras

The current version of the Eyefi Manager desktop software is Version: (18 Nov 2009) Features:

  • Selective Share photos destined for an online destination


  • Enhancements to the delivery mechanism for relay uploaded media

Version: (21 Sept 2009) Fixes:

  • Fixed thumbnail preview window in Mac OSX
  • Fixed radiating beam animation on Mac OSX
  • Fixed a crash in thumbnail preview when a partial transfer resumes
  • Removed "Click here to open Eyefi manager" balloon tooltip message at startup. Balloon tooltip is displayed only on card insertion.

Version: (03 Aug 2009) Features:

  • Thumbnail deletion functionality
  • Problem reporter utility application


  • Dynamic multicast membership joining on new interfaces
  • Fixed truncation in geo alert message
  • Updated geo alert message
  • Fixed thumbnail extraction for images less than 65K in size
  • Fixed incorrect dates for local folder naming due to GMT offset.
  • Fixed crash associated with some RAW images uploads
  • Fixed incorrect thumbnail extraction for RAW images
  • Fixed an issue with the built-in card reader on the new Mac systems.
  • Fixed an issue with iPhoto identification on some OS X systems.
  • Multicast membership join on all available network interfaces – affects Pro cards when adding ad-hoc network

Version: (29 May 2009) Fixes:

  • Fixed inability to write media into certain folders

Version: (20 May 2009) Fixes:

  • Fixed daylight saving offset on received file timestamp
  • Fixed GMT offset on photo file timestamp
  • Fixed issue when selecting iPhoto as a local destination.

Version: (24 Apr 2009)

  • This release contains bug fixes

Version: (13 Apr 2009) Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash while extracting zero value latitude & longitude GPS tags
  • Fixed iPhoto (version 7 & 8 ) integration where the iPhoto library is located on an AFP volume or external drive

Version: (13 Mar 2009) Features:

  • New iPhoto integration via auto-import that preserves events.
  • Photo files timestamps (modification time) are set to the modification time on the card
  • New crash reporting mechanism


  • Fixed "Open Eyefi Manager" menu action on Windows
  • Fixed auto-start problem on Windows
  • Fixed repeated bubble notification about messages
  • Fixed card failure to initialize issue due to virus scanners on Mac OS X
  • Improved EXIF parsing, thumbnails for Pentax camera images

Version: (22 Dec 2008) Features:

  • Removed the dock icon on Mac OS X
  • Geo alert is an "AlwaysOnTop" dialog on Mac, so the alert is never hidden by any other active app window.


  • Fixed Geo alert dialog problem on Mac OS X10.4
  • Fixed Japanese translation issues in Firewall tuning wizard on Mac
  • Fixed launching installer/agent from auto play app

Version: (26 Nov 2008) Features:

  • Local system date format used in local folder names
  • Date options for local folder names - folders names may now follow a numeric format (e.g. 2008-11-25)
  • New picture verification scheme
  • New icons and dmg/installer graphics
  • New dock icon on Mac


  • Fixed occasional card detection problems on Mac
  • Fixed the IP address hint when adding a network to the card
  • Fixed crashes related to a multi-threaded static initialization issue
  • Fixed thumbnail extraction for small images
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