Gifting or Buying a Used Eyefi Card


If you plan to give or sell a previously activated Eyefi card you will have to delete the card from its associated account before it can be activated and used by another person. For instructions on deleting an Eyefi card from an account, please see How do I delete an Eyefi Card from my account?

If you have purchased an Eyefi card that is already activated, you can deactivate it yourself in order to add it to a new Eyefi account. If you want to add the card to an existing Eyefi account, please contact Eyefi Customer Care to have it deactivated.

If you would like to deactivate a card to add it to a new account, you can do so in Eyefi Center 3.4 or higher. Before starting, if you are currently logged in to Eyefi Center, click logout in the top right, then follow these steps:

  1. Insert the Eyefi card that you want to deactivate into the USB card reader.
  2. Insert the USB card reader into your computer.
  3. After several moments you should see a yellow message balloon stating "Found EyefiCard, Initializing Eyefi Card" followed by another stating "Found Eyefi Card, launching Eyefi Center."
  4. Click the Create new account button.
  5. Click Reset this Eyefi card.
  6. This card has now been deactivated.
  7. The Eyefi Center Activation dialog will open allowing you to create a new account.

For help activating a card, please see Setup an Eyefi Card on Your Computer.

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