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We apologize, but as of September 9, 2013, Geotagging is no longer available as an add-on service. If you have purchased an Eyefi card that includes the Geotagging service, it will still be supported and you can enable it in your Eyefi Center account when you initialize your card.

If you previously purchased a card that offered a year of free Geotagging, or you added it as an additional service through your Eyefi Center account, you will no longer be able to renew the service when it expires.

If you do have a card that supports Geotagging the following article will help you enable Geotagging.

The Geotagging feature is included with all Eyefi Explore, Eyefi Geo and Eyefi Pro cards. For other Eyefi cards, Geotagging may be enabled for the lifetime of a card for $29.99 via Eyefi Center.

Follow the steps below to enable this feature on an Eyefi card.

  1. Launch Eyefi Center.
  2. Login to Eyefi Center.
  3. Click the Settings icon next to your Eyefi card's name.
  4. Select the Geotagging tab in the Settings panel.
  5. Select the Enable Geotagging check box. If you don't see the Enable Geotagging checkbox, the card you have selected does not have the geotagging service.
  6. Click the Save Geotagging Settings button to save the settings. Geotagging is now enabled on your Eyefi Card.
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