Update Fails on Power PC Macs


After updating Eyefi Center, some Apple computers with a Power PC processor inform the user that Eyefi Center installation has failed:

"Install Failed. The following install step failed: Run post upgrade step script for install Eyefi Center. Contact Software Manufacturer for assistance"

Eyefi Center requires the Adobe Air runtime environment. The error message above occurs because Adobe Air 2.x, which is required to use the newest version of Eyefi Center (v.3.2.2), no longer supports Power PC processors.

This unfortunately means that we no longer support Power PC Macs. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Note: Please ignore any future notices to update this software. Any additional features available in Eyefi Center v3.2.2 (and above) will not be available to users running Eyefi Center v3.1.9.

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