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We apologize, but as of September 9, 2013, Geotagging is no longer available as an add-on service. If you have purchased an Eyefi card that includes the Geotagging service, it will still be supported and you can enable it in your Eyefi Center account when you initialize your card.

If you previously purchased a card that offered a year of free Geotagging, or you added it as an additional service through your Eyefi Center account, you will no longer be able to renew the service when it expires.

If you do have a card that supports Geotagging the following article will help you with Picasa Location Data.

Photos geotagged by Eyefi will not display location information when uploaded to Picasa unless the geographic information included in the photo EXIF is set to be displayed and shared. If your geotagged photos are not displaying location information once they are uploaded to Picasa, you will need to change the Location settings so that they show and share location data. For specific instructions from Google, please see Mapping Photos: Automatically use location data to map.

Changing your Locations Privacy and Permissions

  1. Sign in to your account at picasaweb.google.com.
  2. Click Settings in the top right.
  3. On the Privacy and Permissions tab, in the Locations section, toggle the box next to Automatically map photos if they contain location data.
  4. Click the Save changes button.
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