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We apologize, but as of September 9, 2013, Geotagging is no longer available as an add-on service. If you have purchased an Eyefi card that includes the Geotagging service, it will still be supported and you can enable it in your Eyefi Center account when you initialize your card.

If you previously purchased a card that offered a year of free Geotagging, or you added it as an additional service through your Eyefi Center account, you will no longer be able to renew the service when it expires.

If you do have a card that supports Geotagging the following article will help you change your "Home" Location.

The Eyefi Geotagging service uses a Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) provided by Skyhook. When your geotagging-enabled Eyefi card is on, it scans the area for Wi-Fi router SSIDs and records their signal strength and MAC address. The card then passes this information on to the Skyhook WPS service and database where the information is processed. Skyhook then delivers a latitude and longitude location back to the Eyefi Service, which sends the information to your Eyefi card, which then adds the location information a photo's EXIF metadata.

If your home or wireless router location provided by the Skyhook service and your Eyefi card is incorrect, you can add information about your Wi-Fi router's location and update the Skyhook database. In order to do so, you will need to know your wireless router's MAC address. For more information please use the Skyhook Submit an Access Point page.

Note: The Skyhook Submit an Access Point page has several text fields you will need to complete. Be sure to scroll below the map to see all of the fields. Once you provide your router information, it may take four or more weeks for Skyhook to update their database.

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