EasyWiFi and X2 Hotspot Access


We apologize, but as of September 9, 2013, Hotspot Access is no longer available as an add-on service. If you have purchased an Eyefi card that includes the Hotspot Access service, it will still be supported and you can enable it in your Eyefi Center account when you initialize your card.

If you previously purchased a card that offered a year of free Hotspot Access, or you added it as an additional service through your Eyefi Center account, you will no longer be able to renew the service when it expires.

If you do have a card with this service enabled, this article will explain EasyWifi and X2 Hotspot Access.

Eyefi Hotspot Login

Eyefi X2 Cards with the Hotspot Access service can be configured to log in to account-based hotspots. In some cases, the Hotspot Access service can also automatically navigate hotspots with a welcome screen. This capability also extends the AT&T Wi-Fi access available as part of the Hotspot Access service.

In addition to the US coverage described above, Eyefi has partnered with Devicescape, a provider of Wi-Fi connectivity solutions for mobile devices, to provide additional access to hundreds of thousands of networks worldwide to users with X2 cards that have the Hotspot Access service. These extended Hostspot Access service features for Eyefi X2 cards with Hotspot Access include:

  • Add existing subscription credentials for personal hotspot subscriptions (such as Boingo, BT Openzone, T-Mobile, SFR, Orange, and Vodafone) to an Eyefi account to upload photos in supported locations.
  • Access schools and university hotspots across the world by adding campus Wi-Fi network credentials to an Eyefi account.
  • Eyefi X2 cards with Hotspot Access can navigate through splash screens enabling upload through hundreds of thousands more open hotspots.


Easy WiFi integration

By default, the Hotspot Access service creates a Devicescape EasyWiFi account assigned to your Eyefi card. This EasyWiFi account is tied to your Eyefi account and is available for all of your Eyefi X2 cards. You can add Hotspot Access to each of your Eyefi cards via Network settings panel in Eyefii Center.

Due to the differences in the Eyefi and Devicescape systems, Devicescape has to treat Eyefi cards as a separate class of devices. Because of this difference, you will need an account different from standard EasyWiFi accounts to configure hotspot credentials for Eyefi cards. If you currently have an existing EasyWiFi account for another device you will not be able to add your Eyefi card to that specific account. Instead, you will have another account specific to your Eyefi card that you can access in Eyefi Center.

When you enable Hotspot Access for your card, Hotspot Access creates a new EasyWiFi account with a fictitious email address (such as 4a1f7441.91219@easywifi.eye.fi). You can only access this account via the Network settings panel in Eyefi Center. You will not be able to log into this account via the EasyWiFi website.

To find out more about the EasyWiFi network by Decivescape, please see easywifi.com. The EasyWiFi website displays which hotspots are part of the EasyWiFi Network via an interactive map on the EasyWiFi home page and will provide information about locations that support the EasyWiFi Network.

For more specific information about Devicescape and EasyWiFi, please refer to the EasyWiFi FAQ.

Enabling Hotspot Access with Devicescape integration

All you need to do to take advantage of the EasyWiFi network's expanded network compatibility is enable your Eyefi card's hotspot access. Please see How to enable Hotspot Access for an Eyefi Card for instructions on enabling hotspot access.

For instructions on adding an existing hotspot subscription to your Eyefi card's EastWifi account, please see How to add an EasyWiFi hotspot account.

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