Eye-Fi View FAQ

Manage Eye-Fi View and Eye-Fi Premium

The Eye-Fi View settings panel allows you to enable or disable the Eye-Fi View option as well as upgrade to Eye-Fi Premium. Eye-Fi View allows Eye-Fi to store your files online and provides you with with unlimited access to view, share, or download photos and videos for seven days after upload them. You can access your files by logging into center.eye.fi with your Eye-Fi credentials on any internet-connected computer or most smart phones with a web browser.

Eye-Fi Premium

Click the Upgrade button in the Eye-Fi View settings panel to upgrade Eye-Fi View to Eye-Fi Premium. Eye-Fi Premium removes the seven-day viewable period restriction, allowing you to store unlimited full-resolution backups of your photos and videos on Eye-Fi servers any time after you've uploaded them. You can access your media via the Eye-Fi Center desktop application as well as the web-based version at center.eye.fi. Eye-Fi Premium is available for $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

Who can enable Eye-Fi View?

Any X2 card user, iPhone app, or Android app user can enable Eye-Fi View.

Can I selectively make certain Eye-Fi cards, iOS devices, or Android devices send content to Eye-Fi View?

Eye-Fi View can be individually enabled for each card, iOS device or Android device associated with your Eye-Fi account

How many photos and videos can I add to a collection?

You can share up to 100 items in the tray at a time.

When I log in at center.eye.fi, I see small thumbnails, but I cannot view, download, or share the original size of the item. How do I enable that?

You need to enable Eye-Fi View in Eye-Fi Center to enable those features. After you've enabled Eye-Fi View, you'll be able to see, download, and share original-resolution items.

Can I play videos from center.eye.fi?

Not at this time, but you can still download and share the full-size videos if you have Eye-Fi View enabled.

Is there a limit to the number of collections I can make?

No; feel free to make as many collections as you'd like in the tray!

Do I have to pay for Eye-Fi Premium for each of my Eye-Fi cards?

No; when you upgrade to Eye-Fi Premium all of the devices in your Eye-Fi account are included.

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