Change the Media Destination on an Android Device


Many Android devices have both internal storage as well as removable storage that uses a microSD card. Eyefi's Android app allows you to choose whether to save media internally or externally through the process outlined below:

  1. Launch the Eyefi app.
  2. Tap the Settings icon.

    Note: If your phone has a Menu button, press it, then tap Settings in the menu that appears.
  3. Tap Application preferences.
  4. Tap the Media storage option.
    NOTE: This option will be grayed out if your Android device only has one mount point (only internal or only external memory).
  5. You will see the current mount point where Eyefi is storing photos & videos, as well as other mount points where your media can be sent.
  6. In this example the original destination was internal storage (Default storage). Tapping the external option changes the setting.
  7. Tap OK and you will receive an informational pop-up.
  8. Tap OK again to confirm the switch.
  9. Future Eyefi uploads will now be stored in the new location, which will now be displayed as Current.
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