Set up an Android Device to Upload to a Computer


The Eyefi app for your Android phone or tablet provides you with the freedom to send photos & videos automatically to your computer or online sharing sites. In order to use this feature on your Android smartphone or tablet, you will need to have the following:

  • An Eyefi card
  • Android device running Android 2.2* or later with access to the Google Play Store
  • The Eyefi App for Android
  • An Android device with an internet connection

* Note: Devices running Android 2.1 will not be compatible with versions of the Eyefi app beyond 1.2.2; these devices will continue to see version 1.2.2 in the Google Play Store.

Part I: Download and set up the Eyefi app for Android

  1. Go to the Eyefi app for Android page on your Android device.
  2. Download and install Eyefi for Android.
  3. Tap Sign In in the lower-right corner.
  4. Sign in to your Eyefi account.
  5. Tap the Settings icon.

    Note: If your phone has a Menu button, press it, then tap Settings in the menu that appears.
  6. Tap Upload Preferences.
  7. Tap the settings you want to enable.

Your Android is now set to upload images to your computer.

Part II: Set up your computer to receive images

  1. Launch Eyefi Center.
  2. Click the Settings icon next to your Android device's name to open the Settings panel.
  3. Click the Photos tab.
  4. Click the Computer sub-tab.
  5. Select the Upload to this computer checkbox.
  6. Under Manage, select a folder destination for saving photos.
    Note: Apple users may use the drop-down menu to select iPhoto as their photo destination.
  7. You can also choose several options for naming subfolders via Subfolder Options and Subfolder Date Options radio buttons.
  8. Click the Save button.
  9. If you want to send images from your Android device to an online sharing site automatically, please see Add a sharing site.

If you also want your Android device to send videos to your computer, click on the Videos tab and repeat steps 4-9.

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