Disable "Avoid Poor Connections" on an Android Device


Note: This issue should be resolved if you are running the latest Android app version (1.4.7 or later) and the latest Eyefi card firmware (5.0019 or later).

Certain Android devices use an option called "Avoid poor connections" that causes issues when attempting to connect that device to an Eyefi card's Direct Mode network. You must disable this option for your Android device to properly receive photos & videos from an Eyefi card. The Eyefi app will prompt users to disable this option if it is enabled (must have v1.2.9 of the app installed).

The "Avoid poor connections" setting is not available on all Android devices, and devices that do not have it are not affected by this issue. If your device does not show the "Avoid poor connections" setting and you are having issues transferring photos & videos to your Android phone or tablet, please see the Direct Mode FAQ.

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