Share Photos from Android


Follow the instructions below to manually upload photos from your Android phone or tablet to your computer, Eyefi View, or one of your configured online sharing sites using Eyefi:

  1. To share multiple images at a time, tap the Multiselect icon.
  2. Tap the images you want to share, then tap the Share button. If you just wish to share a single image, select the image and tap the Share icon.
  3. Tap See all...
  4. Select Eyefi from the list of sharing options.
  5. Check off the destination(s) to share to and tap Upload.

The selected media is now queued and will be sent to your chosen destination. An icon of an up arrow will appear on all pending uploads.

You can also track upload status by tapping the Upload icon.

This shows you an upload status for each photo.

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