Upload Photos and Videos to an FTP Server


An Eyefi Card with Online Sharing enabled can upload photos to a publicly-accessible FTP server instead of a typical online sharing site ("publicly accessible" in this instance is defined as an FTP server that can be accessed over any network, not just the local network). FTP support allows you to send photos (JPEG & RAW) and videos from your Eyefi Card via the Eyefi server to personal and corporate FTP servers that are using passive mode and either the FTP or FTPS protocols. Choosing to upload photos and videos to a corporate or private FTP server is as simple as choosing any other online photo or video destination Eyefi supports.

  1. Launch Eyefi Center.
  2. Click the Settings icon to open the Settings panel.
  3. Click the Photos tab. Note: for RAW images choose the RAW tab and for Video choose the Videos tab.
  4. Click the Online tab and then select the Share photos online checkbox to enable uploads to an online photo sharing site.
  5. Click the More Sites button.
  6. Select the Sharing category from the drop-down menu in order to view the FTP sharing option. Select the FTP option by clicking the FTP icon.
  7. Enter your username, password, and URL in the form ftp://hostname/path for your FTP server. Depending on your FTP server encryption, select either Encrypted TLS/SSL connection (FTPS) or Unencrypted connection (FTP). When you've entered all info, click the Connect card to FTP server button. When finished, the window that opened will close and return you to Eyefi Center.
  8. You will see that FTP server has been selected and is now your active online destination.
  9. Click the Save button.
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