Using Aperture


Eyefi cards can wirelessly transfer RAW photos directly to Apple Aperture with the free Aperture Hot Folder 1.5 script from Apple.

Note: The steps below only work for RAW photos. They will not allow Aperture to import JPEG files. Eyefi does not provide technical support for the Hot Folder script.

Set up automatic RAW file imports in Aperture

  1. Download and install the Aperture Hot Folder script.
  2. Configure your Eyefi card to upload photos to a specific local folder.
  3. Create a project in Aperture.
  4. Run the Aperture Hot Folder Script.
  5. Select the folder you selected in step #2 above.
  6. Select the project you created in step #3 above.
  7. Select Import to Library.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Open Aperture and watch photos import automatically.
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