Import Photos to Lightroom


You can use Lightroom's Auto Import feature to "watch" for new photos from your Eyefi card to shoot, edit and present portraits in near real time.

Note: Eyefi does not provide technical support for importing photos to Lightroom.

Set up Lightroom to auto import from an Eyefi Card

  1. Open Eyefi Center and choose to save your photos in a local folder. You will also want to select the option to add date to path (this prevents Lightroom from importing photos from previous sessions).
  2. Take a couple of pictures. This forces Eyefi Center to create a folder for photos of that day of shooting.
  3. Browse to the folder that you specified in step #1 and delete the pictures you took in step #2. Lightroom will only allow you to auto import from an empty folder. If you don't delete the scrubs, Lightroom will prompt you to do so later, but it is best to do this now.
  4. Launch Lightroom and create a Watched Folder from which Lightroom will automatically import. Go to File > Auto Import > Auto Import Settings.
  5. Select choose to the right of the Watched Folder file path and browse to the folder where you deleted photos from in step #3 and click the OK button.
    You may also have Lightroom copy the images to another folder. This makes exporting the whole catalog to another computer easy for final offsite processing.
  6. Go to File > Auto Import > Enable Auto Import.
  7. Start Shooting. It can take about a minute for images to transfer to Lightroom. As you shoot, you will see the Eyefi Thumbnail preview appear as the photos transfer to the computer and then appear in Lightroom.
  8. Select the last picture in the filmstrip of the Development Module; this will ensure that the the newest photo will replace the last one showing. If you select a photo in the middle of the film strip, new photos will add to the end of the film strip, but the focus will stay on the selected photo.
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