Download the Eyefi App for Android


Please note that before you can transfer successfully to an Android device, you need to download the desktop software here and go through the initial card setup. Once setup, you can follow these steps to set up transferring to your Android device.

Version: 1.6.1

Release date: 27 Oct 2013

With the Eyefi app, you can automatically back up and organize photos & videos by date on your home computer or share them on your favorite online site. Now you can get all your photos backed up and organized, whether you took them with your digital camera or Android device. No cables. No hassles.

  • Wireless backups & organization on your computer. Eyefi sends your full-resolution photos & videos to your computer. No more fussing with cables.
  • Stay organized. Eyefi automatically organizes photos & videos on your computer by date.
  • Select all photos & videos or just the ones you want and choose where they go.
  • Instant uploads from your camera to your Android device’s photo gallery – anywhere. The Eyefi X2 card connects directly to your Android device using Direct Mode. No tethering, Wi-Fi router, or Wi-Fi hotspot required.

If you are running v1.4.5+ of the Eyefi Android app, please make sure that your Eye-Fi card is running firmware version 5.0019 or later.

Note: Devices running Android 2.2 are not compatible with versions of the Eyefi app beyond 1.4.8. These devices will continue to see version 1.4.8 in the Google Play Store.

Similarly, devices running Android 2.1 are not compatible with versions of the Eyefi app beyond 1.2.2. These devices will continue to see version 1.2.2 in the Google Play Store.


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