Eyefi License Keys


An Eyefi License Key is a twenty-digit code used when purchasing or renewing one of the following Eyefi services or subscriptions:

  • Eyefi Premium
  • Eyefi Geotagging
  • Eyefi Hotpot Access
  • Eyefi Webshare

Eyefi users receive license keys after purchasing or renewing an Eyefi service upgrade. Users with new Eyefi cards do not need to enter a key unless they decide to purchase a service for their card. Users with cards that can use one of the services listed above will see the option to purchase a subscription within Eyefi Center. Clicking on the appropriate upgrade button will open a window for the online Eyefi store, where where users can purchase or renew one of the above services.

Eyefi Premium subscriptions are account-wide, regardless of how many cards or devices are associated with that account. Webshare, Geotagging, and Hotspot Access services are card-specific and will only be applied to the card for which they are purchased. These license keys cannot be applied, transferred to, or otherwise used with multiple Eyefi cards.

If you purchased a subscription upgrade and it doesn't appear in your Eyefi Center Settings page within five minutes purchase, take the license key provided to you via e-mail from the Online Eyefi Store, enter it in the appropriate field, and click the Add key to Eyefi Card button. The illustration below provides instructions for entering a renewal license key for the Eyefi Geotagging service.

Note: If you have not made any purchases from the Eyefi Online Store, you do not need to enter a license key.

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