Evernote Support Discontinued


Effective October, 2014, Evernote and Eyefi will no longer support the ability to upload photos to Evernote via Eyefi's online sharing service (OLS). We understand that this might be a problem for your workflow, so we wanted to let you know that we do have a solution using IFTTT and our newest Eyefi Mobi card and Eyefi Cloud.

With IFTTT you can easily create a note with an image attachment on Evernote whenever you upload a photo to Eyefi Cloud or other cloud photo service supported by IFTTT. You can learn more at ifttt.com and view the IFTTT recipe for more details.

Please note that using IFTTT with Eyefi wireless transfers requires an Eyefi Mobi card or Eyefi Cloud membership.

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