Incomplete Uploads in Eyefi Center


If your camera powers OFF or moves out of your wireless network before it completely uploads a photo, Eyefi Center will report the upload as incomplete. Incomplete photo uploads will resume right where they left off the next time your camera is in range of its configured networks and powered ON. Additionally, if you delete a photo while it is being uploaded it will continue to appear as an incomplete upload within Eyefi Center.

By double-clicking on the thumbnail of a photo, you can see more details about it, such as the Delivery Status and where it has been delivered. If the image was delivered to your computer, there will be a link to display the image.

If the Eyefi Center shows the Delivery Status as interrupted and you have turned the camera back on but images still do not resume uploading, please see Photos & Videos Not Uploading from Card for troubleshooting help.

Note: We recommend that you check your camera's power settings to give your Eyefi Card enough time to upload your photos. For instructions on changing your camera's power settings, please see your camera's owner's manual.

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