Supported RAW Files


Eyefi Pro X2 cards can transfer .JPEG photos, video, and RAW files, which can be uploaded to a computer running Eyefi Center or a smartphone or tablet running the Eyefi mobile app (see Mobile Transfers below for more information). Your Eyefi card can also upload RAW files to a publicly accessible FTP server and Eyefi View.

The following RAW image formats are supported:


1The original Eyefi 4 GB Pro cards will support RAW file transfers for all of the listed file types listed above except .RWL and .SRW file types.

2.MPO (Multi-Picture Object) files, created by cameras like the Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D models, are treated as RAW files by Eyefi cards, and therefore are only uploaded by Eyefi Pro and Pro X2 cards.

Important notes about RAW file transfers


The Eyefi Center desktop software is capable of extracting and displaying image thumbnails for the following RAW formats only:

  • CRW
  • CR2
  • NEF

Supported RAW formats other than CRW, CR2 and NEF will be wirelessly transferred by Eyefi Pro cards, but thumbnails of these images will not be displayed in the Eyefi Center desktop software.

Some thumbnails in the above formats may be displayed in Eyefi Center and others may not. Each camera model's RAW file format is slightly different (i.e., a .NEF from one Nikon model is different than a .NEF from a different Nikon model).

Mobile Transfers

Eyefi's mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android can receive RAW image files from compatible Eyefi Pro cards and cameras. However, not all mobile devices can save or display RAW images. Some mobile devices will receive certain RAW formats but will not display a thumbnail image (or it may be very low resolution). Some formats are not supported at all by certain devices, so the files may appear to transfer but the devices ultimately will not save those RAW formats.

For details about supported file types on your device, please refer to the manufacturer's product specifications.


In Eyefi Center version 3.4.10 or later, a .XMP file with the same name as the RAW image is created when the image is delivered to the computer. The .XMP sidecar file contains the latitude and longitude of the picture (if available). Only RAW images on the computer will be geotagged; RAW images uploaded to FTP sites will not be geotagged.

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