File Size Upload Limits


An Eyefi Card can upload photos of any size to your computer and online sharing sites. Video files must be smaller than 2GB to upload to both your computer and online sharing site. Photos and videos are always stored on your Eyefi card in their original size and resolution.

Depending on the online sharing site you use, the Eyefi service may resize your photos in order to meet size requirements. Additionally, photo and video uploads may be limited by size and length, and your sharing site may have bandwidth limits depending on what type of account you have. Please refer to your online sharing site's information page for specific limits regarding your particular account.

Eyefi upload limits by file type
  Photos* Videos**
Upload to computer unlimited less than 2GB
Upload to Web limited by sharing site less than 2GB

* Certain online photo destinations have a maximum photo size limit. In this situation, your photos will be stored on your Eyefi card in their original size and the Eyefi service will automatically resize the version it sends to the photo site. Photos sent to your computer will also be stored in their original size.

** Only Videos 2GB or smaller will be wirelessly transferred. However, Eyefi cards will still store video files larger than 2GB. Certain online video destinations have a maximum video size limit. In this situation, the Eyefi service will resize the video it sends to the online site. The video stored on your Eyefi card and transferred to your computer will be in the original size. Some online video destinations also limit the length of the video, and your Eyefi card will not be able to upload a video to those sites if a video is longer than the supported length.

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