Time-Lapse Cameras and Eyefi Cards


Eyefi cards have not been tested in time-lapse cameras (such as trail cameras). It is likely that Eyefi cards will not work as expected in this type of camera.

When time-lapse cameras go to sleep, the camera appears to be powered off. However, the card stills receives power. This applies to cameras such as security cameras and similar setups where the camera remains powered on continually for extended periods of time as well.

Below are a few problems that we have seen occur with this type of usage:

  • Endless Memory fails because the camera does not allow the card to power cycle.
  • Photos fail to transfer because, in an attempt to conserve power, the camera does not give constant power to the SD card slot.
  • Cards may fail if powered on consistently for long periods of time.

We do not recommend that you use Eyefi cards in such scenarios. However, if you would like to try, we suggest that you refer to the Eyefi forums for information posted by other Eyefi users that have shared their ideas and solutions for use in this manner. One particular user posted his results in this thread.

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