Add Multiple Cards to One Eyefi Account


Every Eyefi account supports up to 20 devices ("devices" are both Eyefi cards and mobile devices, such as a phone or tablet). Below are step-by-step instructions to merge or consolidate Eyefi cards that are not active on any accounts into a single Eyefi account. If you have an Eyefi card that is activated on an account and wish to move the card to another account, please see:

To add a new card to your account:

  1. Insert your Eyefi card into its USB card reader.
  2. Insert the USB card reader into your PC or Mac.
  3. If your Eyefi card is not already registered, an activation screen will appear in Eyefi Center; click the Add to this account button. After clicking that button, follow the steps listed in Eyefi Center to finish adding your card to your Eyefi account.
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