Photos & Videos Not Uploading from Card


There are several factors to consider when an Eyefi card fails to upload photos and videos. It is important to note that the only way files are automatically uploaded from an Eyefi card is wirelessly. It does not matter what kind of device the card is plugged into; if the card is getting power it will attempt to upload files. We recommend the following steps if you’re having trouble uploading from your Eyefi card.

Make sure the card has power

If you are having difficulty transferring files while your Eyefi card is in your camera, make sure that your camera's power-management settings are adjusted so that it does not power-down immediately.

Most cameras have the ability to adjust the amount of time before the camera cuts power to the SD or SDHC card slot. Make sure to extend the amount of time the camera keeps power on to as long as possible via your camera's "Auto Power Off" setting. Doing so will ensure that the card has power when it needs to upload files.

Can the card make use of an available network?

When an Eyefi card is powered on in a camera or computer it will attempt to upload files via a known and configured wireless network. Re-adding a known network will help you confirm that the card is able to access and communicate with your wireless network. If you are unable to add the network, then it is unlikely photos will upload.

Does the card recognize there are uploads pending?

Make sure the images or videos that have not yet uploaded are in a supported folder and a supported file type. Only Pro and Pro X2 cards can wirelessly transfer RAW images, 2 GB cards cannot transfer videos, and only X2 cards can transfer .mts videos. For more information on supported video file types and locations, please see Supported Video Formats. For more information on RAW images, please see Supported RAW files.

Is there a destination for all media types?

Eyefi View cannot be the only destination for a card. In the Eyefi Center settings for your card, verify that there is either a local or online destination for .JPG photos, videos, and .RAW files (if applicable).

Range variability

If you encounter wireless upload failures when your Eyefi card is in your camera, move your camera closer to your wireless router. Generally, your Eyefi card will upload without error if you are within 15-20 feet in line-of-sight of the router. Take several pictures and wait for a minute or two to see if the card uploads. If it still fails, remove the card from the camera and insert it into your computer with the Eyefi card reader; this will allow for maximum range since the card's antenna will not be constrained by a camera body.

Enable Wireless Transfers in Camera

Certain Eyefi Connected cameras disable your Eyefi card's wireless functionality by default, which will prevent your Eyefi card from transferring photos & videos. If your Eyefi Connected camera fails to transfer photos, check to see if your Eyefi card's functionality has been disabled. Follow the instructions in Enable Wireless Transfers for more details:

Hardware firewalls

Sometimes a router or other hardware firewall can create an environment that is difficult for Eyefi cards to work in. If you are comfortable editing the settings of your firewall, you may want to try to disable anything on your network that may block Eyefi cards or software communications.

Software firewalls

Most modern operating systems include a software firewall to filter network traffic, which can prevent Eyefi cards and software from functioning properly. Software firewall settings can be changed either through your operating system or anti-virus suite. In order to receive uploads from your Eyefi card, it may be necessary to allow incoming network connections to the Eyefi Helper program. Here are the steps to configure the built-in firewalls on Windows and Mac OS X:

Last but not least

If you have tried all of the above and still have yet to get your card to successfully upload, it may be best to contact Eyefi Customer Care.

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