RAW File Destinations


Manage where your RAW files are delivered

The Raw Settings panel allows you to choose where on your computer you want your photos (RAW files) delivered. You can manage folder and subfolder names, providing full control of where and how your photos are stored on your computer. Unlike JPEG file uploads, there is not an option to upload RAW files to the web; an Eyefi card will only transfer RAW files to your computer. For the most current list of RAW files types supported by and Eyefi Card please refer to RAW formats uploaded by the Eyefi Pro Card.

Because the settings for where your RAW storage locations are stored on your computer, your Eyefi card does not have to be inserted in your computer for you to change or edit your local computer destination settings.

RAW file uploads

To enable uploads to your computer, click the Uploading raw files to Folder checkbox and choose a folder for your photos. Please see Save to Computer for detailed instructions for enabling wireless transfers of RAW files.

For a more in-depth description about the folder options available for your RAW file uploads via Eyefi Center, please refer to Eyefi Center - Folder Management.

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