Create an Eyefi Account


Follow the instructions below to create a new Eyefi Account。

  1. Insert your Eyefi Card into the USB card reader.
  2. Insert the USB card reader into your computer.
  3. After several moments you should see a yellow message balloon stating "Found Eyefi Card, Initializing Eyefi Card," followed by another stating "Found Eyefi Card, launching Eyefi Center."
    If this message does not appear, please refer to Eyefi Card Fails to Initializefor troubleshooting information.

  4. The Eyefi Center Activation dialog will open. Complete all fields. It is important to note that the email address you enter here will become your user name for your Eyefi account. Click the Create account button.
  5. You can now set up your Eyefi card to wirelessly transfer photos.
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